1104-1198 North Limestone

About This Project

This is a proposed new construction build consisting of thirty-six two-bedroom, two-bath units and thirty-five onsite parking spaces. Each unit will be approximately 800 square feet. Currently, there are four properties with four individual structures rezoned R5. TaylorMade’s goal is to stay within 80% of affordable housing as per LFUCG. The target rent for the each unit is $795 per month, with tenants paying all utilities except city services. Construction of the building will consist of 70% masonry products and 30% other.


With the addition of thirty-six units, it will have a positive impact on the North Limestone community due to the current housing shortage in Lexington. Two of the four structures currently on the property are abandoned, thus creating more usable spaces in the residential area and providing new, well-equipped housing for the immediate community. Section 8 vouchers will also be accepted for members of the community that require government assistance.


1104-1198 North Limestone Street, Lexington, KY 40505


North Limestone

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